The Great Controversy – Sharing Edition (Bulk)


This sharing edition of The Great Controversy is a full version with original pages and is designed to be shared with your friends and neighbors. As rapid changes take place in our nation this cover design will attract many an inquiring mind. Is our freedom soon to be taken from us? What is the world coming to? The media may tell you what is happening, but this book tells you what is going to happen! The controversy between good and evil will soon come to an end, so let us share the the blessed hope we have in Jesus’ soon return. Bulk quantities and prices:

10 books ($89.90) – $8.99/book (10% off)

20 books ($149.80) – $7.49/book (25% off)

30 books ($159.70) – $4.99/book (50% off)

40 books ($199.60) – $4.99/book (50% off) OUT OF STOCK

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